Flavors of Old Delhi – Off The Eaten Path


A Taste of Delhi

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We will take you you through the charming quarter of Old Delhi, experiencing the variety of food and Haveli (old-style 4-storied home with a central courtyard flanked by rooms with 58 doors)..

Before visiting the Haveli, you will take a walk through a local bazaar. Sitaram Bazaar area has colourful and interesting street food and is crowned with the oldest shops with many world originated delicacies. The best of the best chat can be had here offering Chat Papri, Laccha Tokri, Desi Ghee Tikki, Moong Pakori,Kulche Chole, Dahi Bhalla, Bedwee Aloo and Kachori Alu are just lip smacking. Apart from that you can also have Samudra Kee Chat, Brown & White fresh milk cake, Kulfi, Ice creams, Hot Kadai Milk, Halwa Nangori etc. You can choose to taste some of it if you wish. The area is also home to several small temples and shrines. Cows wander the streets, small dharamshalas (rest-houses) and pyaus (water-stations) attest to the pious contributions of local merchants.

The Flavors of Delhi tour is a guided experience, in English, which lasts about 3 ½ wonderful hours.

Flavors of Delhi patrons will be met at the designated Metro Station of Chawari Bazar where you will be greeted and take you on your tour. Specific instructions regarding the meeting point will be sent to you along with your tour confirmation on the site www.masterjikeehaveli.com

In this tour, we will take you to a Hindu home in Old Delhi, for a demonstration and tasting of traditional home-style North Indian cooking.

Our discoveries while wandering the streets of Sitaram Bazar inspires you to feel more hungry that we call Flavors of Delhi.

After the walk, you will visit the Haveli which is a fine edifice that has been built on the lines of traditional Mughal architecture. Any onlooker is sure to be impressed with the carved pillars where a meal will be served to you.

You can choose to participate in the cooking, or merely watch and learn. The haveli has a terrace from where, there are views of Old Delhi in all its higgledy-piggledy chaos with a view of spectacular Jama Masjid.

The family is Hindu vegetarian; they are old time residents of Shahjahanabad; and this is one of the few homes that hasn’t been broken down or divided into pieces and sold to multiple people. It is a chance to visit a traditional home and see what life is really like in this narrow crowded part of Old Delhi, where adjacent houses share a common wall and everyone knows everyone else!


Cost and Inclusions

Rs 2000 per person 1-4 number of guests
Rs 1750 per person 5-8 number of guests
Rs 1500 per person 9-16 number of guests

The price includes the following:

Food oriented bazaar walk, some street food tasting for those who feel adventurous, all ingredients, visit to haveli, interactive cooking session, breakfast/lunch/dinner and bottled water.


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